Snow Skills Weekend

Snow Skills/Crevasse Rescue

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Date: April 1-2

Location: Mt. Rainier National Park

Difficulty: Intermediate to Hard, steep climbs, learning technical snow skills. No previous experience required but will be easiest for those who are familiar with hiking, and comfortable sliding down hill. Requires moderate physical fitness. Required for Mountaineering participants.

It may be helpful to be familiar with basic mountaineering knots. Click on the name of the knot to see a video on how to tie it: Figure 8 Follow-through, Girth Hitch, Double Fisherman’s, Prusik, and Alpine Butterfly.

Age: Open to ages 18 and up.

Pricing: $200 per person, participants must bring mountaineering gear. (Packing List)

What to Bring: This trip includes Snow Skills and snow camping, use the Rainier Packing List.

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