To offer welcoming and inclusive outdoor activities to marginalized youth, foster a sense of belonging in the outdoors, and create space for play and discovery. To provide opportunities for youth to grow, lead, and experience the outdoors, despite social, cultural, and environmental barriers.

Participants are encouraged to seek adventure, find challenges, and learn about themselves, their peers, and the natural world. The outdoors is presented in a way that demonstrates respect, curiosity, and stewardship, while encouraging fun. The approach fosters creativity, kindness, and self-confidence, while prioritizing an inclusive wilderness climate.

~ Mission Statement

Makah Petroglyphs, Olympic National Park

Land Acknowledgment

Sahale Outdoors is committed to consistently learning, educating, and re-assessing ourselves, our programs, and our understanding in order to better reflect our honor and gratitude for the native communities that have inhabited these lands since time immemorial.

“And that’s why I stood up. I didn’t want to see my people going to jail, or pay[ing] for something that they didn’t have to, something that we’ve always had here. Something that the Creator had given us, put here on this earth for us to take care of and use. The Creator’s words were, “I have given you this. You take care of it and you use it, for if you don’t use it anymore, meaning you don’t need it, I will take it from you.” Fish was part of our religion and our way of life. We always gave thanks to the Creator for the fish, same way with hunting. It was very hard for the white man to understand. He felt that we could change. He felt that we could do away with this law that we have, and forget it and live by his laws, a law that the Creator had given us that we’d always lived by and followed. We cannot do that. So when they come and ask me to stop fishing or stop hunting, that’s violating my law. The Creator didn’t tell me that I had to go and listen to a white man, just because he went and made mistakes and depleted the fish.”

~ Chief Johnny Jackson of the Cascade Klickitat


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