Our mountaineering courses, clinics, and trips offer the opportunity to learn fundamental climbing skills as well as guided climbs of Kulshan (Mt. Baker) and Ruth Mountain in the North Cascades. These are beginning climbs, with an emphasis on building a foundation of skills for those who are starting their mountaineering journeys. On our trips, guides take the time to teach as the group ascends, and clinics are built into the trip schedule to ensure that there is space for learning.

Ruth Mountain and Kulshan are both excellent peaks to get started in technical mountaineering. Ruth Mountain offers a gentle introduction to glacier travel, offering first-time climbers a relaxed schedule and a welcoming summit. Kulshan, as the third highest peak in WA state, presents a physical and mental challenge while offering a summit that sits within a beginner’s reach. Whither you’re building confidence and exploring your abilities on the slopes of Ruth, or pushing yourself to the heights of Kulshan, Sahale Outdoors guides will be there to train, coach, and support you in achieving your goals.

For more details on each climb, including gear check procedures and our summit policy, explore the trips below.

Climb the tallest peak of the North Cascades

Soak up the beautiful views from the summit of Ruth Mountain

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