Pinecones Rocks and Minerals

Pinecones Rocks and Minerals

Discover Gemstones

Join us at our education center for a fun after school activity centered around unearthing and identifying rocks, minerals, and gemstones. Each child will receive a mold containing gemstones and rocks for them to dig through, discover, and take home. We will also have Steven Universe stickers!

This will be an indoor activity, and accompanying adults are welcome to stay, watch, and relax in our office area.

Price: $10 per child suggested donation to cover cost of materials

Itinerary: 4 PM to 5 PM

Meet Location: Sahale Outdoors Education Center,  5007 Pacific Hwy E, Suite 19, Fife, Wa, 98424

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Quartz Crystals

Dig through a local quartz deposit to find crystals hidden in the ground! Children will come home with dirty clothes, quartz crystals, and the memory of a delightful hands-on geological experience.

Price: $110 per child.
Includes transportation, gear rental, and all permits and entry fees.

Itinerary: 9 AM to 3 PM

Meet Location: Hwy 512 Park and Ride for transport to and from the North Bend area.

Packing List: Day Hiking

Please note that your child will be digging through the dirt in search of mineral deposits, and send them with clothes and shoes that are appropriate.


Exploration – Growing and learning in the outdoors – Building friendships

Difficulty Level

Easy: Indoor or outdoor activities in easily accessible areas

2023 Schedule:

Discover Gemstones: November 9

Our mission is to make outdoor recreation accessible to all. If you cannot afford the total cost of a Pinecones trip right now, send us a brief message to request sliding scale pricing.

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    Indigenous Land


    “It [Lushootseed] is from the beginning strength of the people, and it is from what the Creator put down upon this land for people…. The earth speaks. The animals speak. Everything has a voice.”

    Vi Hilbert, Grandmother Video Project

    The Puyallup tribe in their own language call themselves a name that means “people from the bend at the bottom of the river.” They are one of twelve Lushootseed speaking tribes in the Puget Sound region. The language of Lushootseed has vast diversity and multiple dialects, with each group having their own way of speaking. All dialects were to be honored and respected, reflecting the values of Lushootseed culture such as ‘Be kind, be helpful, be sharing.’

    The Lushootseed speaking peoples called the mountain that dominated their horizon Tacoma or Tahoma, a word that may have meant “the mother of all waters.” The Puyallup tribe is calling on the state of Washington to rename the mountain from its current official name of “Rainier.”

    Today, the Puyallup Tribe is a recognizable force in the fight for tribal rights, and were a significant player in the Boldt Decision of 1974, establishing the rights of Native Americans in Washington State to fish using traditional methods.

    ~ This information was found on

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